Jane’s BBQ Chicken Lollipops Recipe



  1. Preheat the grill or oven (grill medium low approx. 350-375 degrees or oven 350 degrees.

  2. Using a pair of scissors or knife, cut the skin around the base of each drumette. Peel, scrape and push the meat down to the thick end, from the top to the bottom making into a ball of lollipop shape.  Cut or break off the knuckle at the top of the lollipop. Repeat for each drumette.

  3. Wrap the top of the lollipop with aluminum foil to prevent the bone from burning.

  4. Grill or bake for approx. 20-25 minutes, baste or dip the drumettes in your favorite Jane’s BBQ sauce and cook for an additional 5-10 minutes. Use a meat thermometer to ensure the chicken is fully cooked. 

  5. Enjoy!

Side Suggestions: