30 Year Family Secret

Jane’s Junction is a tribute to family, food, and connection. Everyday she worked tirelessly to bring joy to her grandchildren with her homemade meals. For Jane, family was her top priority. We are happy to spread the love of our beloved family BBQ sauce across the country. Similar to how our grandmother shared her cooking and love of food to our small family, we want to share it with everyone!

Journey of Jane’s Junction

Jane was always sifting through new recipes. She loved cooking, canning, and baking. Her life was dedicated to the kitchen and creating delicious foods for her family. Her house was filled to the brim with cookbooks that were covered in cooking notes and handwritten recipes she collected over the years. 

Jane would sit in the kitchen looking over recipes from her favorite cookbook. “This cookbook has very important recipes” she’d tell Becki. Jane would make the BBQ sauce throughout Becki’s childhood, the sweet warm aroma wafting throughout the house during the summer. Whenever someone asked about the recipe, Jane would press her finger against her lips, smiling, “It’s a secret”. 

After Jane passed away, Becki followed in her grandmother’s footsteps, sifting through the old cookbooks and replicating her favorite meals. While going through the pages of recipes, Becki discovered a familiar cookbook. She looked inside and to her surprise was the recipe for the family BBQ sauce. 

Becki’s eyes glowed and widened. The recipe was possibly as old as Jane. A typewriter had pressed its ink across a worn index card. The text was slightly faded, the page yellowed, and the card bent and folded from wear.

The BBQ sauce was a family favorite. It was often a Christmas gift given to family members and friends. In the ‘90s, several people begged Becki to sell the BBQ sauce– Including her best friend Lisa.

Fast forward to 2020, COVID-19, like so many others, changed their world. Becki realized that she was an “essential employee” working in the Legal and Compliance department for health care delivery organizations. Lisa was bored at home during the lockdowns and desperately needed a hobby or project to work on.  After years of persuasion Lisa finally talked Becki into going on a business venture.  Becki and Lisa became business partners and started pursuing the dream of making BBQ sauce. 

Jane’s BBQ sauce is sold at local farmers markets, local restaurants and other small businesses.

Meet Becki

Founder, Granddaughter, BBQ Chef
Becki held the recipe in hand and for the next 30 years served the BBQ to only her family and friends. In 2014, Becki began the journey of constructing a tiny home. During this journey, all the cooking is done outside or in the greenhouse only using a BBQ, pizza oven or Coleman stove.

Becki has mastered outdoor cooking and uses Jane’s BBQ sauce frequently.  In fact, Becki’s daughter carries a small jar so when she eats out, she can use her favorite BBQ sauce. Both Becki’s sons use the BBQ sauce on lollipop chicken, chicken nuggets, ribs, pulled pork, French fries, meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, etc.. They fed their friends and other family members who begged her to sell it.

She became obsessed with barbecuing anything she could find. In November 2021, Becki decided to leave her healthcare career of 30 years to pursue her dream of manufacturing her grandmother Jane’s BBQ sauce for all to enjoy.

Meet Lisa

Family friend, a partner, and a cheerleader
Lisa and Becki became friends after their kids would play together after school. She tried the beloved family secret BBQ sauce and immediately was entranced by its various flavors of love, history, and a subtle mixture of smokey, sweet, and savory blended into a component desired by all.

After knowing Lisa for several years Becki finally shared the recipe with Lisa so her family could enjoy the sauce year-round.  Lisa was sworn to secrecy and never shared the recipe. She encouraged Becki to begin selling the BBQ sauce to farmer’s markets, local restaurants, and small businesses. Thanks to Lisa’s killer business intuition, they both began their journey together to start Jane’s Junction – Named for Becki’s grandmother who passed down the recipe to her.