Homemade Satisfaction

Jane’s Junction is a family business founded on good food, good barbecue, and good times. Every dinner is a moment to remember surrounded by love and barbecue sauce.

She's Hot

A special addition to the Jane’s Junction family. This sauce was specifically created under the direction of Jane’s great grandson. It’s as spicy as it is delicious with a unique blend of habanero and other spices.

She's Sassy

A medium spicy savory sauce that kicks ass in the kitchen. Designed to be a saucey staple in your pantry, the Original is the perfect blend of spices that enhances every dish.

She's Chill

A sweet and savory sauce that is perfect for dips, chicken wings, and any meal of your choice. It leaves a deliciously tangy aftertaste that leaves you wanting more. This recipe has no added chili or black pepper, making it our mildest sauce. 

She's Plant-Based

A vegan friendly sauce, this recipe is based off our Original recipe which is a medium spicy savory sauce. Jane’s Harvest is the perfect blend of spices that enhances every vegan dish.

Jane’s Harvest has no animal based ingredients.