Pulled Pork and Coleslaw

Main Ingredients: Pork shoulder Cabbage 2 Pints of your favorite Jane’s BBQ Sauce Pork: 4 lbs pork shoulder 1 white onion sliced or diced 2 tbsp minced garlic 1 Pint Jane’s BBQ sauce 1 Cup broth of choice ½ Orange sliced Salt and pepper to taste Coleslaw: 1 Pkg Cabbage (pre-sliced, packaged) 1 Pkg Broccoli […]

Jane’s Meatloaf Madness

Ingredients 2-3 lbs of ground beef (or beef alternative) 1-2 Pints of your favorite Jane’s BBQ Sauce this recipe will use the whole pint so you may need another pint for dipping 1-2 Cups of cauliflower rice ½ Cup Flax seeds ½ Cup steel cut oats or oatmeal of choice ¼ Cup hemp seeds 1 […]